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Happy Saint Patrick's Day, birthdays, good writer, nice other stuff

Happy Birthday to the very kind and intelligent phinnia as well as the very smart and friendly john_booth. Hope it was a great day. I'd make you both a gif or something but I don't know what media stuff you may like (other than House for phinnia and everyone has already done that for you) so I'll owe you a gif and/or a song vid and say best wishes.

My darling husband (who also moonlights as my best friend) went to the store and picked up my favorite yogurt last night. I had purchased the wrong kind by mistake and so handed it along to one of my slender friends who like that kind. Larry (without prompting, mind you, or a net) swung by the store last night and bought the right yogurt. Thirty years now and he's my hero more and more each day.

Ah, and I meant to post the other day about another very gifted person on my friendlist (I have an embarrassment of riches with you people, I swan). The immortal carose59 who is probably one of the best poetry stylists in fandom, and who writes great essays and stories as well, is someone I'd urge everyone to read ... Monica Rose aka carose59.

I was also tagged by the wonderfully wise and funny brynnamorganto cite the people on my friendlist who "rock my world" (can I say that at my age?). Since you all do at one time or another, I'll just anoint all of you at once ... not tagging anyone, though (a couple of you would seriously hurt me if I did that).

The anti-depression regimen is definitely helping, can you tell? lol

We have another house possibility today. Our agent wants us to give another chance at buying a house with a pool so we're going to check out one in the next couple of days. We have hope. lol

Oh, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Since my Irish family were orange folk (although blue, of course, without light ... does that make us smurfs?), I won't wear green but I'll wish it to everyone to whom it applies.
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