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In the immortal words of Charles Brown, Esquire ... I'm the goat LOL

The football of life has once more been pulled away. lol We lost our bid on the newest house, too. Sadly, the low prices have also brought about a ton of new buyers (especially with the President's first time buyer tax incentive) which means competition is fierce. This is great for the economy but a pain for those of us just looking for a frickin' house. Still, we're going out to look at ten more tomorrow. I'm not even going to post about the bids at this point ... only if we get one accepted.

Happy birthday to a number of my LJ friends. I will greet you properly when I'm back. Right now, I'm crying in my diet root beer a bit. lol But we rise to fight another day.

P.S. I definitely need a melodramatic sarcasm avatar. Sorry to have sounded so dark in this -- I definitely have the nicest friends. We're disappointed, of course, but we're fine. I have a gallows humor with my view of the world and that doesn't translate well in pure text.
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